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Are you looking to start a Welcome Service Home-Based Business in your community?

Get paid to welcome newcomers to the community

If you enjoy meeting people and like being involved in your community, the Welcome Service Business (WSB) could be the ideal match for you.

Get paid to welcome newcomers to the community

If you are searching for a rewarding career that is fun, flexible, and profitable, look no further. The Welcome Service Business ( WSB ) is a lucrative, community-centered home-based advertising service sponsored by the businesses in your area.

The Welcome Service Business (WSB)

  • • Offers a balanced lifestyle
  • • Contribute a valuable service to new residents to the community
  • • Low-cost start-up
  • • Flexible work schedule
  • • Quick profitability
  • • Excellent income potential
  • • Be your own boss

Earn Income “Pairing Up” new residents with area merchants & professionals.

The WSB targets a specific niche, new residents to thecommunity.

Twenty percent of the American population moves to a new home each year. This credit worthy market has the discretionary income to spend on home related goods and services, generating over $100 billion annually. They have no shopping loyalties and are eager to receive a personal welcome visit in their new homes from the neighborhood Welcome Representative as they search to develop relationships with area merchants.

Research shows that most newcomers / new homebuyer's form their buying habits within the first 90 days after settling into their new home.

Businesses pay you, the WSB, to deliver their advertising message, coupon offers and gifts to the new homebuyer's as a community good will gesture in the hopes of planting seeds for growing long-term relationships.

This personal word-of-mouth advertising is the most effective way to influence and shape the newcomers' buying decisions
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